Special occasion

Casual Waves

Casual waves is a relaxed and effortlessly chic hairstyle characterized by soft, loose waves cascading down the hair. This versatile look offers a natural and beachy vibe, ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Glamorous Updo

Creating sophisticated updo hairstyles for special events and elegant occasions.

Boho & Beachy Waves

Styling effortless and textured waves for a laid-back and bohemian look.

Straightening & Curly

Offering professional straightening and curling techniques to achieve various looks.

Hollywood Waves

Designing glamorous and retro-inspired waves for a classic and elegant appearance.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Incorporating hair accessories such as tiaras, combs, and floral arrangements into the hairstyle.

Words from beautiful & Happy clients

Pratima is a talented artist, entrepreneur, and collaborator. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. I hired Pratima for bride-only makeup for my wedding on 7/15/23. She was able to achieve the perfect soft glam look that I was going for. I reached out about doing a non-mink eyelash option as I am vegan and was serving food at my wedding.

Jackie C.

Pratima is absolutely a pleasure to work with! She’s done such an amazing job for all of my wedding events. She’s helped myself and my whole family get ready. She’s very professional and goes out of her way to make sure that you get the look that you want. Highly recommend her for any occasion!

Nidhi P.

Pratima is such a great make up artist. She did my make up for my wedding and a lot of my pre-wedding events and she was able to cater different looks. this includes clam, soft glam, natural locks she does it all! I appreciated her suggestions. Very professional and stylish. Very easy to work with. Very accommodating, reasonably priced and extremely talented. Would highly recommend or any of your wedding and pre-wedding events.

Palvi C.

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